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With just 3 referrals, you can eliminate your cell phone bill with this opportunity!

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Click the link above to connect to the main site. Once you have selected the $49.95 plan, you will able to get a replicated website to refer others and earn free cell service after 3 referrals!

Click the link above to connect to the main site. There you will be able to click on Explore Plans to select the plan that meets your needs. The most popular is the $49.95 plan with unlimited talk text, and data. You also have the opportunity to eliminate your bill with 3 referrals!

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Awesome Coverage!

Now you can get great coverage with AT&T towers! AT&T has nationwide coverage on their Tier 1 level!

Here Are A Few Highlights of This Opportunity

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Don't Overpay!

If you are paying more than $50 per month, stop that IMMEDIATELY! You should not be paying more than $50 per month for cell service. It is just not worth it this day in age.  

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Refer & Save!

This opportunity allows you to sign up, refer 3 people and eliminate your cell phone bill for as long as those 3 referrals continue to have service!